Roydel Records is an Independent Recording Label that produces a different kind of music with a different  kind of flare. Our Artist comes to you with originality and message.  But Roydel Records does not stop there, Roydel Records has a team behind them. Mackenzie Productions has joined Roydel Records with a number of producers who brings all types of genres to the table as well as song writers who you or any artist, producers, television and film personnel can get in contact with for outside projects. Shure Shot Video/Photographers are also a part of the Roydel Family bringing you Video Production as well as Pictures. As Roydel Records continue to move forward, we continue to attract more and the Roydel Family continues to grow.

Cassandra Daniels, along with Peter Chisholm Jr and Anthony Chisholm II, are the proud owners and CEOs of Roydel Records and the Mother Company of Roydel Records ROYDEL ENTERTAINMENT. They believe in BRINGING THE UNDERGROUND MAINSTREAM.  "We see everyone on an equal plain." Anthony Chisholm II quotes. ""We love you regardless if the feeling is not mutual, that's what makes us a little different too." Peter Chisholm Jr says. "We may not be able to bring all messages to audio recording and video production, but we will help as many Artist as we can to do so. Everyone deserves a chance."  CEO  Cassandra Daniels quotes. So let us take a trip with Roydel Records and see just where they go!

CEO cassandra Daniels